Lavien's new multi-functional leash features an innovative design catered to dog lovers who desire practicality and luxury in an affordable package. We've finished the design and prototyping phases and are now getting ready to bring this product to market and that's where the Kickstarter community comes in! We need your pledges to help make this leash a reality for dog lovers worldwide. Please join us on our journey to build a one-stop-shop leash that provides everything you need at the highest quality.

Lavien 5-in-1 Multi - Functional (High-Quality Leather) Dog Leash

Walking two dogs at the same time is troublesome because the leashes get tangled and requires more of your attention to the leashes rather than your dogs. In fact, while walking two of our own dogs, we realized that we had brought only one dog leash, and it was a big problem – so that’s when we had to improvise. Dealing with this issue give me the idea to create a 5-in-1 multi-functional dog leash. A quite significant secondary benefit of the Lavien leash is that it’s more leash for your money – instead of having to buy multiple leashes for different purposes, the Lavien leash saves you money by combining all those other purposes into ONE convenient leash.

Made from the finest, 11.3 oz. leather, we focused on a user-friendly design while reducing the risk of failure that comes with the rigorous wear and tear of daily use resulting in a long-lasting product. A truly functional product in a classic style, the Lavien Leash doesn't sacrifice your comfort, or your pets comfort. With the Lavien multi-functional dog leash, you have the perfect dog leash for any situation.

Standard & Short Leash –

This will be your typical dog leash. If you are only walking one dog, this can function as a normal dog leash. The overall leash is made of high-quality leather that provides a sturdy and firm grip. You can easily adjust the length of the leash for your own comfort.

Double Leash –

Are you planning to walk two dogs? Want to walk your friend’s dog as well? You will be happy to hear that the Lavien leash can also function as a double leash. It is fully-adjustable to walk two dogs simultaneously without tangling or cause any hassle.

P-Leash –

Looking to train your dog? The Lavien dog leash can also serve as a P-Leash for training purposes. This high-quality leather leash can also serve as a collar. Its circumference is very large and can be adjusted freely.

Hands-Free Leash –

Do you like to go hiking, running, or even just walk to relax? With the hands-free leash function, you can do all of these activities freely! It also absorbs lunging, meaning it will not shock you if your dog pulls too hard. The simple, light design will not slow you down. It's hands-free, stretchy, and soft. The hands-free function can be used by anyone who wants a versatile, flexible, and comfortable leash.

Other functions-

Need to set your dogs on the side while you run some quick errands? You can easily wrap the leash around a solid object, such as a tree or pole to keep your dogs secure without them running away.

-Hand-Picked Leather

Not all leather meets the Lavien standard. From the base raw materials, Lavien only selects the best leathers available in order to maintain our high quality leather standards… the Lavien standard.

- Machine-Cut

Efficient use of raw materials and smart cutting allows Lavien to maximize the usage and value of each leather piece. This cost savings in raw materials is then directly transferred to our customers, allowing Lavien to maintain its rock-bottom prices for such high-quality products.

- Stamping – Logo & Customization

The Lavien logo is stamped onto the leather leash using a mechanical press. An additional option is for you to personalize your own leash for your dog by stamping his or her name on there as well!

All you have to do is let us know your dog’s name (with the Personalized Package and up) and we will take care of the rest.

- Punching & Sewing

Professional Lavien craftsmen handle the delicate parts of the production process to ensure the highest quality outcome.

- Handle

The handle of the Lavien Multi-Function Leash is made from 2mm thick neoprene (the same material as a wetsuit) for maximum user-comfort. For your additional safety, we added a reflective strip of material on both sides of the handle for better visibility when you walk your dogs at night.

Thanks to all the backers who supported our Kickstarter campaign and stay tuned :

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